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The Uninvited (Korean Movie 2010)

The Uninvited (Korean Movie 2010) The Uninvited (Korean Movie 2010)
The Uninvited (Korean Movie 2010)

The fight of the unemployed to return to earth!

Jin-sik is in a slump before his employment exam. Kang-yeong and Eung-il live in a basement room with Jin-sik, and they are wasting their lives only sleeping and studying. One day, there is an explosion sound and a package falls. Jin-sik opens the box and Point Man, from a lonely star in the galaxy. Through his powers, he takes the three people and their house into the universe. They fight Point Man to return to home to earth…

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Relic of an Emissary (洪武三十二 Hong Kong Drama 2011)

Relic of an Emissary (洪武三十二 Hong Kong Drama 2011)Relic of an Emissary Episode 21


Relic of an Emissary (洪武三十二 Hong Kong Drama 2011)

The story begins with the sons of the Hung-mo Emperor returning to the capital city as a show of filial piety to their father, who has fallen extremely ill. Secretly, the princes are harboring intentions to succeed the throne. As a result, chaos surrounds the kingdom, and a chain of conspiracies and schemes begin occurring in the city…

While pursuing a mission, Kamyi Wai agent Ngo Siu-fung loses his memory in an accident. As he begins to slowly piece back memories of his past, he realizes that he was once a vicious, unreasonable, and merciless Kamyi Wai commander. He decides to start anew and change his ways of style, but his colleagues are unable to see past Siu-fung’s history of cruelty, and they continue to treat him unfairly. Fortunately for Siu-fung, he saves Chu Wan-man , grandson of the emperor, who has dressed himself in plain clothes to observe the commoners of the city. The two become good friends and Wan-man appoints Siu-fung as his personal bodyguard.

The emperor dies, his posthumous edict robbed, and the kingdom is left with no heir. The princes all desire the throne, leaving the kingdom unprotected from future attacks. Impatient, Wan-man orders Siu-fung to find the edict as soon as possible to stabilize the chaotic situation. The powerful and intelligent fourth prince Chu Tai , titled the Prince of Yin, also sends his most trusted adviser Ma Sam-bo to investigate the case. Fighting to retrieve the edict, Siu-fung and Sam-bo undergo a battle of wits and skill. They start an ambiguous friendship – though they see each other as equals, they are unable to work together because their loyalties lie elsewhere.

The edict is retrieved and Wan-man ascends to the throne, crowned as the Kin-man Emperor. Soon after his coronation, mysterious cases begin to occur around the kingdom. Someone with an ulterior motive is intentionally framing Tai of starting a coup. Though Tai is later proven to be innocent, Wan-man becomes really cautious of him. Aware that the new emperor has intentions in killing him, Tai raises an army to overthrow him. Under the slogan of "clearing the court and pacifying national disaster" (清君側、靖國難), Tai starts a coup d’état, that is later known to be called the Jingnan campaign .

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Fun Movie (Korean Movie 2002)

Fun Movie (Korean Movie 2002) Fun Movie (Korean Movie 2002)

Fun Movie (Korean Movie 2002)

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Engaged! Judy Greer Is Getting Married

Judy GreerCharley Gallay/WireImage

Congrats,Judy Greer!

I can exclusively report that theArcherstar is engaged to her boyfriend of about a year,Dean Johnsen

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Greer met Johnsen, who is a co-executive producer ofReal Time WithBill Maher, on a blind date. He popped the question during a recent trip to Napa, Calif., Greer’s rep tells me.

The actress was sporting her new engagement ring at today’s first annualCritics’ Choice Television Awardsat the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"I’m really excited," Greer said. "I’m so happy."

And we couldn’t be happier for you.

PS: Greer is one busy lady. Her next big films includeThe DescendantsoppositeGeorge Clooney. Then there’sJeff Who Lives at HomewithEd Helmsand the recently wrappedPlaying the FieldcostarringGerard ButlerandJessica Biel.

VIDEO: Jesse James and Kat Von D’s romance is going strong

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Is Scott Disick Fit for Men’s Fitness?


ThatScott Disickdude’s sure feeling his oats of late.

To his existing résumé of baby daddy toKourtney Kardashian‘s kiddo, discerningman of indiscernable styleand nightclub crawler andbrawler, he can now add a new title: cover boy forMen’s Fitnessmagazine.

Watchers of Sunday’sKourtney & Kim Take New York(and of the clip below) got a look at the shirtless stallion as he posed for the cameras, preened for the magazine’s editors and stylists and happily humiliated his suffering assistant by sending him scrambling for …

…underwear! But Scott let slip a sliver of humanity when he copped to a little performance anxiety about his physique.

What do you think about Disick’s delts? Watch the clip, then sound off in the poll.

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Which Lost Star Is Flashing a Bare Bottom?


First hint: It’s not Sawyer.

This star, who spent some time on theLostisland, was having fun in the water and nearly flashed the folks back on the beach.

Besides the bit of backside, however, this celeb would still be getting some attention from fans at the Cannes Film Festival, having appeared in some of the biggest movies of the last few years.

So who is it?


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Michelle Rodriguez

It’sMichelle Rodriguez.

While her Ana Lucia character didn’t make it as far as that much-talked lastLostepisode, the actress has also shown up (more fully clothed) inAvatarandBattle: Los Angeles, most recently.

And the action doesn’t stop offscreen, clearly. She nearly lost her swimsuit while making some daring dives off the Eden Roc cliffs in Cannes with friends.

PHOTOS: Cannes 2011: Amazing Fashion

  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Svetlana Metkina
  • Janet Jackson

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Here’s Why Stevie Nicks Won’t Be Enjoying Her Big Glee Moment

Glee, Stevie Nicks Beth Dubber/FOX; Mike Coppola/WireImage

Therumoursare true…Stevie Nickswill have to watch herGleecameo from bed.

TheFleetwood Maccrooner was advised to lay low after she was recently stricken with pneumonia and the flu, E! News has confirmed.

So what does this mean for fans expecting to see her perform live in New York this week?

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They’ll just have to wait.

Nicks’ doctor gave her strict orders to "stay in bed and not fly" until she recovers, causing her to cancel her Tuesday appearances onTodayandGood Day NYand a Wednesday star-studded event at Webster Hall to promote the release of her upcoming album,In Your Dreams.

"I want to apologize to all my fans and hope that we can reschedule, and of course I hope you love the new album," Nicks said in a statement. "It’s for you."

Fans can still catch the gypsy queen Tuesday, however, when her highly anticipatedGleeepisode airs.

In Your Dreams, Nicks’ first solo album in 10 years, hits stores Tuesday.

WATCH: Check out our exclusiveGleesneak peek!

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